Meet Heather



Heather Bentley is an interior designer known for her global eclectic design. Based in Dallas, Texas she works in Europe and throughout the United States to create luxurious homes that feel fresh and beautifully layered. Designing for clients who love to travel has led her to represent their unique journeys by incorporating treasured collections and family heirlooms.

Prior to Heather Bentley Design, Heather helped over 200 clients custom design their homes through a worldwide virtual design platform. She has refined and improved upon that turn-key process to create her unique virtual design service.

Working with a list of lawyers, doctors, entrepreneurs, and busy stay-at-home moms, she understands the value of time. She saves them both time and money through a no-nonsense, honest approach to every project. She currently consults in-person and online for projects ranging from full- scale remodels to small home upgrades. Heather has been published in magazines including Elle Decor and Travel & Leisure. She lives in Dallas, Texas with her Husband, Derek.